A Safe & Eco-Friendly Building System

 Eco Building Armor eco-friendly “green” technology construction provides a building envelope which dramatically reduces building maintenance costs.

Due to its extraordinary insulation ratings, innovative air-tight design and efficient engineering, a building constructed with the Eco Building Armor system will yield energy cost savings of up to 50 percent each year.

Consequently, Eco Building Armor’s energy saving construction feature results in an enormous reduction in electricity costs over the life of every Synergy-built home.

Finally, your new home can qualify for LEED Green Building certifications which will continue to produce energy cost savings long after your home purchase.

Our products enable us to build stronger buildings.
* Provides a better quality building.
* Hurricane Resistant*
* Fire Resistant*
* Sound Resistant*
* Water Resistant*
* Bug Resistant* material.
* Mold Resistant*.
* Ability to build new construction projects faster.
* Significantly reduces operating costs of a property.
* Eco friendly, which enables customers to possibly qualify for grants and other benefits by using  

   this green certified product line.